Smart Island
offers affordable dynamic technology, which is now available to any size business. We cater our products and services to commercial as well as residential building centers along with city contracts and private service sectors. Our accomplishments are possible through well planned partnerships with some of the world?s leading manufacturers.  Our service team is trained to support any maintenance setbacks and to deliver the quality our customers can finally trust.



What makes us
S. M. A. R. T.

   S  - Socially oriented
   M - Mobile and  efficient
-  Affordable high quality standards
-  Reliable in long term partnerships
-  Technologically advanced




  The Island represents our company in a small scale direction.  We deliver and assemble products that do not reach the market through mass productions, but through private suppliers who understand our commitment to quality.


    Our goal is to work towards developing partnerships tailored to each of our clients individually.  
    We commit to a green environment by delivering Smart Island stations closer to communities for a cleaner and more convenient service.  

Smart Island is a distributor for Make Locks and Tianying Machinery manufacture in Canada. You can order any of the locks or fittings you see on our website. Also, we can assist you with ordering custom locks, blades and fittings. Since your are dealing with a manufacture, we deal with large orders minimum of 500 units per order.


Terms and Conditions on all purchases

Manufacture warranty on air compressor with the vandor
Customer pays all shipping costs
No Returns or Refunds

Shipping to Canada and USA
Do not ship to PO boxes/AK/HI/Puerto Rico
Please contact us if you have any questions



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