To raise the bar in manufacturing coin or button operated Air Machines Smart Island makes its products by choosing parts and accessories in excellent quality of its class. Smart Island is working towards an entirely digital tire inflator to be installed right at home for the convenient air service.

  We believe the coin-operated air machine can easily make any high traffic property into the property that is generating profit by offering the solution to flat tires. For those who are tired of wasting money on the small scale air inflators Smart Island can guarantee that our Air Machines have liable, long life air pumps along with durable air hosing that are stationed for years of service and are very easy to use.

  Air Machines by Smart Island are designed for residential as well as commercial properties to deliver elements for the benefit of the building operation or the service stations.


   Our dedicated team works closely with variety of markets to raise the bar on quality products.  We are committed to provide best innovated technologies to manage our production lines in the building maintenance industry.


 To give back to our community Smart Island is running Air-that's-always-there...  project.



The coin-operated Air Machine supported by the Complete Package gives Smart Island an opportunity to share the profit in support of local communities and non-profit organizations.  
  Our mission is to improve the commercial and residential property operation by delivering additional features consisting of quality products with support of dedicated service professionals.



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